Rise Altar ~ XX

$155.00 CAD

A precious altar to house your precious little things.
Featuring various shelves, including wave-like steps to support small objects.
Stand it on a stable surface or hang it on the wall utilizing the star shaped cut out.

6.25" x 9.5" x 2.25" (shelves are 2" deep)

Handbuilt porcelain in glossy white glaze*

*due to the hand built nature of ceramics no two pieces are alike. Naturally, variations are expected and become a part of what makes each piece so unique. However, sometimes slight warping or uneven glazing occurs and I have adjusted the prices in the Altars series to reflect on these minor discrepancies.

-- This item has slight warping on the shelves (the top shelf is upturned) and overall is slightly smaller in width than the other altars of this series.